Action planning & performance management

Once any service review is complete, other priorities can quickly take over and before you know it, you’re a year down the road and not made quite as much use of the review as you promised yourself you would at the time.  An easy-to-use action plan with clear arrangements for its performance management means:

  • You get full value from the time you invested in the review  
  • You can provide assurance to others
  • Momentum is sustained for long enough to implement meaningful and long lasting change. 

It takes about a day of consulting time to translate a FrontFoot service review into an action plan.  Alternatively, you might want help building an action plan from the learning and recommendations of reports written by others (such as an enquiry or a CQC report).

We can also maintain the momentum of implementation by independently performance managing the plan too. So, that might include periodic telephone interviews with the people who have responsibilities in the plan – or an on-site audit or review meeting to check how things are progressing – whatever works best.