Care planning training

Core care planning training - (3hrs)

This development workshop can be delivered to any number of delegates.  It’s ideal for anyone who has a role in planning, delivering and reviewing patient care.  The emphasis of this session is on developing a solid understanding of what good care planning can look like, being clinically effective in care planning and writing meaningful health outcomes. 

The session covers:

  • What is a care pathway?
  • What do our care plans look like from a patient’s perspective?
  • What should a care plan look like?
  • Meaningful patient engagement in care planning and review
  • How does CPA fit in?
  • What are health outcomes? And how do you write one?
  • Making sure therapies connect clearly with health outcomes.
[This] challenged us to think about whether the care plans we have for our patients are as useful as they could be.
A definition of a health outcome – finally, thank you!
[I will now] review all my patient care plans
[What was most useful was] it forced us to look at our own care plans as if we were the patient, a parent, a commissioner etc. Really useful.