Care planning reviews

If clinical effectiveness is the quest, then care planning and CPA should probably be the place to start.  

So many approaches to care plans and CPA haven’t changed for years.  Clinical staff are often slaves to the production of care plans (tragically, at the cost of time with patients) and frequently patients don’t really understand what we’ve written anyway.  There are often multiple documents for a single patient, all of which need regularly updating and with so much duplication across those documents it’s hard to see when you’re making progress.  Just getting the paperwork complete can feel like the goal sometimes.  It’s like a massive industry…that produces the wrong thing.

You’ll have your own ideas about what you want to cover, but a review of care planning should probably include:

  • Prep-work (remember, that’s the stuff you don’t pay for) reviewing the templates you currently use for care planning and review
  • Site visit including workshops with clinical staff, patients and carers to objectively and candidly discuss what works and what doesn’t
  • A desktop review of a selection of care plans from across the service and a commentary on each
  • Feedback and a written report covering recommendations on how to write clear health outcomes, good practice for care plans and ideas for making CPA and professional reporting more effective.
There’s a huge opportunity to re-think care planning, to make it ‘comprehensively simple’, a better experience for the people we care for and a more effective use of clinical time.
— Liz Allen