Independent service reviews

Service reviews are about practical problem solving and improving clinical effectiveness.  Importantly, they place just as much emphasis on identifying areas of great practice as areas that can be improved. What services are doing well is really important to recognise and capitalise on. 

An independent service review can be the ideal basis for:

  • Developing a forward-looking plan of action for the service
  • Informing the development of a clinical strategy and priorities for the service
  • Providing assurance to external stakeholders of the service’s willingness to be self-analytical and reach for continuous quality improvement 
  • Preparing the service for a formal review (such as CQC or Royal College of Psychiatry Quality Network reviews).

It generally takes about two days onsite to undertake a review of an average size service and two further days of report writing.  Before we start, we’ll make sure we’re agreed on the most important areas to explore, but they often include issues like:

  • Staffing & MDT working
  • Care planning & review/CPA quality
  • Patient & family engagement
  • Physical security
  • Procedural security
  • Relational security
  • Building design/environment issues.
Elizabeth brought her extensive experience, skills and knowledge to our service review and as a result we have been able to begin developing a much clearer philosophy of care for our service.

Her insights, (and challenges to us as a service) will help shape how we manage our security measures while maintaining our commitment to focusing on the patient as the centre of our care. I wholeheartedly recommend Elizabeth and look forward to our ongoing collaboration.
— Caswell Clinic (Wales)