A word (actually a few words) about consulting

Like lots of people, I’ve wasted my fair share of time in this meeting: 

Unless the scope is clear, you can find the 'consultant' went away with more knowledge than you were left with and it all took a lot more time and money than you thought.

But (wait, don’t go anywhere yet) sometimes inviting someone in from outside your service is genuinely worthwhile.  The right person can bring a different perspective and learning from other services like yours.  They’re also better positioned to just roll their sleeves up, work quickly to understand the challenge and deliver a product in a focused way, because they’re not pressurised by the same in-house distractions you are.  The tricky bit is finding someone you can trust to add value.

So, here’s the deal on ‘consulting’ with FrontFoot...

  • Prep-work is free.  If you’re getting training from FrontFoot you won’t pay for the time it takes to build the material.  If you’ve commissioned an independent review, you won’t pay for the time it takes to understand what you need or the basics about your services.  
  • You won’t get reports padded out with the things you already know about your own service.  Reports will be a bit thinner but your wallet will be fatter and you’ll have more time for other important stuff (like patient care, reflective practice, Game of Thrones…)
  • If you’re told a piece of work will take two days and it actually takes ten (this happens when I get over-excited about what we’re working on, forget I’m self-employed and go totally overboard) you’ll still only get an invoice for two.
  • If I don’t think what you’re asking me to help you with is on a subject I genuinely feel credible on, I’ll say so.  I’ll partner with or help you find someone who is.   Getting work is nice, but doing a great job is better.

Liz Allen