About FrontFoot

FrontFoot was founded by Elizabeth Allen. Her professional background includes the Department of Health as head of medium secure policy (deputy head of secure policy), the National QIPP Programme as national medium secure QIPP lead, a strategic health authority as head of mental health and policy lead for high secure hospitals, programme lead on the Health Service Ombudsman led continuing care retrospective assessment programme, deputy director of operations for an ambulance service and the flexible NHS workforce agenda.

Her experience spans ministerial advice, national secure mental health policy development, mental health homicide inquiries, veteran mental health, prison health, operational management, strategic leadership and national programme management.

Liz is the author of See Think Act (Guide to relational security), has written national building design and care standards for secure mental health, was a member of the Bradley Review Panel into Prison Mental Health and a member of the ministerial National Oversight Group for High Secure Hospitals.

Most recently she’s the originator of the new PathNav system (developed by Partnerships in Care), CPA software to plan and review health outcomes for forensic mental health patients; designing a new single integrated care plan, health outcomes (and definition set) for the forensic pathway and the automated care planning and review process.