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Mental health consulting & training

FrontFoot is about making a difference in mental health. It’s about getting out in front, learning from others, challenging convention, embracing technology and thinking creatively about how we work.

We work with some amazing people - people who provide health services, people who commission services, Royal College networks, charities and people who’ve experienced services first-hand - all who want to bring about big change for people with mental illness. We work with people who simply refuse to accept that things are too difficult or that things can’t be better, and who get massively excited about bringing mental health to a place where it’s personal, human, relevant, fair and purposeful.

Consultancy services

Our consultancy services focus on quality improvement. That means improving the care, safety and experiences of patients at the same time as looking for opportunities for clinical effectiveness. Clinicians spend too much time administrating. We don’t implement systems unless they release clinical time back to helping patients achieve health outcomes.

Training services

Our training services are hands-on; and we’re direct. We focus people on working together, talking to each other, understanding what great services look like and how small actions at an individual level can make a big difference. We focus on making every person accountable for good care and effective practice.


We like to build new tools and resources too, so you’ll see some of these on our resources page. If we’ve developed something we think should be shared with the rest of the system we’ll pop it there so everyone gets the benefit.

Blog and other thoughts...

And occasionally, we'll write about or link to things we think are important.